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Testosterone Deficiency and Erectile Dysfunction Go Together!

Hi, everyone! Not so long ago, I’ve learned about a major role of testosterone in human physiology. Various medical universities in different countries have done numerous researches of hormonal levels. As a result, they have found that sexual activity depends on the testosterone hormone. I believe this information might be quite useful and I want to share it with you.

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According to the data, published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology, about 6 million Americans suffer from health problems, caused by low level of testosterone. In some cases, they don’t even understand what kind of diseases they suffer from. In fact, those are the signs of testorsterone deficiency.

The lack of this hormone results in a lot of inconveniences. Low level of testosterone causes erectile dysfunction issues. Moreover, it is one of the main reasons for myocardial infarction at a young age. Sounds pretty terrible, doesn’t it?

It is well-known that testosterone is directly involved in sexual development, being the main male sex hormone. It belongs to the category of inactive, but in spite of this, it is responsible for producing seminal fluid and sexual activity as well.

It’s rather difficult to determine the normal levels of testosterone for all men, because they vary throughout life. Scientists have conducted a number of studies to discover an approximate normal level of testosterone for different age groups.

A lot of guys with age start experiencing testosterone deficiency. So, your testosterone levels start to get lower than they used to be. And it’s casing your body to react in a negative way. If you experience these symptoms, then it’s something that needs to get corrected.

So, how can we boost the male hormone? Are there any food products that normalize testosterone production? Does that way of life affect it? Let’s try to understand and find answers to these questions!

Testosterone Deficiency – Hormonal Cause of ED

There are different causes of impotence in men. Testosterone deficiency is one of them. The main purpose of hormones is to regulate the operation and functions of the body.
Even minor changes in the level of one hormone can cause a cascading series of health problems. Thus, due to inadequate production of testosterone, hormonal disorders occur, leading to ED. That’s why it is really important to keep your hormones balanced.

For many years scientists have investigated the influence of various hormones on ED. As you know, erection and its quality depend on the proper interaction of psychological, neurological, vascular, and finally, hormonal factors.

Diseases, Affecting Male Sexual Function

Endocrine diseases in men (associated with hormonal disorders) induce erectile dysfunction. And it quite often happens that sexual disorders are one of the first symptoms of other illnesses.

Numerous endocrine diseases include:

  • Diabetes is a disease caused by abnormal production of pancreatic hormones (insulin). However, ED issues in diabetic patients have somewhat different basis, associated primarily with cardiovascular and neurological complications of diabetes. Therefore, every man, who suffers from impotence, should determine his blood sugar levels.
  • Hyperprolactinemia (that is, an increased concentration of prolactin in the blood) leads to ED, as it causes a decrease in testosterone levels, responsible for erections. In such cases, the efficient treatment comes down to prolactin levels normalization. It is recommended to check prolactin concentration when a man with ED has low testosterone levels.
  • An excess or deficit of thyroid hormones can also be the reason of sexual disorders. It causes an increase in the level of prolactin, resulting in sharp decline of testosterone level, responsible for healthy erection and libido.
  • Estrogens – the effects of estrogen on the erectile function are not well understood. But, it has been established that high levels of one of estrogen hormones, particularly estradiol, can cause ED.

The Role of Testosterone

Testosterone is the hormone that makes a man a man. The role of testosterone in the body can hardly be overestimated. It affects men not only physiologically, but also psychologically, and mentally. In addition, it’s responsible for masculinity, creativity, sexuality, and success.

Testosterone is produced mainly in the testes under the influence of the luteinizing hormone. It’s obvious that this hormone is responsible for the erection occurrence. Moreover, testosterone performs many other important functions:

  • regulates sexual differentiation;
  • stimulates the development of sexual characteristics in men;
  • it is responsible for sexual preferences as well as appropriate libido;
  • it affects spermatogenesis;
  • and it also helps to maintain sufficient bone density and the amount of muscle tissue.

According to some researchers, the role of testosterone in the physiology of erection is rather controversial. On the other hand, other studies show a significant effect of this hormone on the penile responsiveness.

It is assumed that testosterone deficiency occurs in 5-15% of men, who visit their doctors with ED issues. These men often have other symptoms, such as decreased libido and inadequate spermatogenesis.

It’s worth noting that impotence is most often associated with venous leak in the penis. It happens due to improper tension of smooth muscles of vessels. In other words, veins are not able to keep blood in the penis, causing lack of erectile capacity. This is the condition, when patients do not experience improvement while treatment with ED drugs.

Symptoms, Causes, and Consequences of Low Testosterone

Low testosterone has been linked with symptoms such as: mood swings, depression, reduced sexual activity and muscle mass. Every man should pay close attention to his lifestyle and health condition.
There is a natural decrease of this hormone in men. With age (after 30 years), its level gradually decreases by about 1% a year. By age 40, testosterone declines by 10%, and by the age of 50 – by 20% (androgen insufficiency), and so on.

If it happens sooner, it means there is a problem of sex hormones production. And the most common reason is unhealthy lifestyle: lack of exercise, bad habits, unbalanced diet, lack of sleep, etc.

Testosterone deficiency leads to various disorders of:

  • genitourinary system (erectile dysfunction, decreased libido and reduced testicular volume);
  • nervous system (loss of vitality and memory, low concentration, high anxiety, insomnia, and depression);
  • bone and muscular system (skin laxity, increased fat, osteoporosis, reduced muscle mass);
  • other systems and organs.

Despite the fact that no one can stop the aging process, each of us can take control over testosterone levels. Diet is one of the main ways to maintain its normal level.

How to Enhance Testosterone Level Naturally?

In 1981, Reproductive Medicine and Biology conducted a research. Scientists have discovered a stimulating effect of zinc on testosterone production. There was another study, pursued by Dr. Ananda S. Prasad in 1985. He concluded that taking zinc also improves testicular function, increasing the amount of seminal fluid.

The sources of this useful mineral are pork, beef, lamb, chicken, and turkey. If you are a vegetarian, you should know that brown rice and dairy products also contain a sufficient amount of zinc.

  • Oysters

In days of Ancient Rome, people believed that oysters have a certain sexual energy. A team of scientists from the University of Miami brought irrefutable evidence, confirmed by the results of numerous experiments. Oysters enhance testosterone production, and increase libido.

  • Broccoli, cauliflower, and other cruciferous vegetables

Everyone knows about healthy food, but very few people think about the importance and usefulness of vegetables in our diet! Eating cabbage every day, you will stimulate the production of testosterone.

At the same time, it will help you decrease your estrogen levels. This fact is proven by the results of studies, conducted in the medical clinic of the University of Rockefeller in New York.n

Important Tips to Boost Testosterone

According to statistics, the level of sex hormone in people, who are overweight, is lower, than that of men, having normal weight. The fact is that adipose tissue is the place, where male sex hormones are converted to female ones. The more adipose tissues in the body, the less testosterone will be produced.

Besides, sport is another solution for men. It’s not fantasy that there are special exercises to boost testosterone.

It’s worth noting that almost all sexual hormones are produced at night, when the brain is in deep sleep. Testosterone is not an exception.

So, get a good night’s sleep. In addition, try to minimize stress in your life, and the effect will not be long in coming!

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

If you go to see a doctor with all those symptoms, he’ll conclude that you have testosterone deficiency. The next thing he is going to tell you is that you need hormone replacement. And what hormone replacement involves is a series of injections of synthetic testosterone into your arm.

Or he’s going to ask you to wear a patch that will constantly release synthetic testosterone into your body. Sort of like nicotine patch, except for it isn’t releasing nicotine, it is releasing testosterone.


However, both of these things, injections and patches, are something people usually want to avoid. Why? It’s because it’s unnatural! Synthetic testosterone is unnatural; and the way they go about injecting it, or getting into your body by a patch, is also unnatural.

I don’t know about you, guys, but I always try to avoid something unnatural. My body doesn’t like it. It often happens that there is a negative respond to that kind of stuff.

Human body doesn’t like foreign substances. It’s going to freak out from testosterone injections. And that’s what produces side effects. In other words, side effects are your body’s reactions to synthetic testosterone, or any form of substance your body’s not used to.

So, go ahead and take the best natural testosterone supplement of 2017 that doesn’t contain synthetic testosterone, but contains ingredients that will cause your body to produce NATURAL testosterone on its own.

That’s why it’s better to find a natural solution over doing something like hormone replacement. Therefore, you won’t experience any side effects.

Taking Sildenafil without ED

We all know that Sildenafil is a highly effective drug when it comes to treating such a sensitive problem as erectile dysfunction. It was the first oral drug to be approved for this purpose and the consecutive commercial success is a very good proof of how effective it really is. It is estimated that the Pfizer Corporation, the producer of Sildenafil, cashes in over a billion dollars from Sildenafil sales alone every year. This wouldn’t be so if the drug wasn’t really working, so it’s safe to say that it’s a real medical success as well. However, there are many people who will tell you that Sildenafil is a hoax and that it doesn’t work as advertised. Usually, such disappointment comes from people who don’t actually have any form of erectile dysfunction and simply want to improve their sexual performance. In this perspective it’s fair to discuss the use of Sildenafil in people who don’t suffer from erectile dysfunction at all.

It’s hard to blame men for trying to use Sildenafil without having erectile problems. All men are always eager to be able to perform better when it comes to sexual activity and that’s why many of them will try all kinds of aphrodisiacs and sexual stimulants over the years. At the same time, Sildenafil ads that are widely featured online and in various magazines give a false impression on the drug, depicting it as a sexual stimulant rather than a prescription medication. But there’s a huge difference between the effects of an average libido booster and Sildenafil, and it’s very important to understand it before using any male enhancement pills in the first place.

Most substances that are alleged to work as aphrodisiacs work by stimulating the libido, which usually has a very positive effect on the quality of erection among other things. Sildenafil, at the same time, doesn’t influence the user’s libido in any way. It works by stimulating the blood flow into the penis when an erection occurs, making it harder and more durable. But what if the erection is already good enough? Well, taking Sildenafil won’t make it any better since there’s no “better” to an erection that is already strong and durable enough. It will last for as long as required to reach ejaculation and will fade away after that, as it normally would. The drug won’t cause an automatic erection, since the person has to be sexually aroused. Nor it will make the user perform better or longer in bed, since it doesn’t have to do anything with the user’s stamina or sexual abilities. Sildenafil should only be viewed as an aid used to improve the quality of erection when it’s actually required. And if the erection is good enough on its own there’s simply no point in using the drug.

This should serve as an answer to all the people curious about the recreational use of Sildenafil, which is particularly widespread among younger men. To put it simple, this practice is a complete waste of your time and money, unless you really have problems with erection (which may occur in younger men just as in men of older age groups). Stressful and intense lifestyle may take its toll by decreasing the quality of erection, and that’s when penis pump can prove to be a very helpful solution. But if you want to impress your partner or increase your stamina in bed, it would be more useful to read a couple of books and start exercising on a regular basis rather than using Sildenafil to aid you.

So, You Want To Know Just What Testosterone Anadoil Is All About?

This will explain everything about Testosterone Anadoil. But, first, let’s start with breaking Testosterone Anadoil down to it’s core.

Testosterone is a steroid, specifically a hormone. In warm-blooded mammals, which of course includes the human species, most testosterone is secreted in the male testes, and in the female ovaries. The remaining amount of a body’s testosterone is secreted by the adrenal glands.

Anadoil (Androstenedoil) is designed to greatly increase testosterone levels in humans. Androstenedoil is a direct converter that ideally changes hormones into testosterone.

Testosterone plays a major role in health, and sexual function, of both men and women. And, it’s function is equally as important in both sexes. Testosterone affects the brain, and will increase sexual desire, and energy. And, it will also increase red blood cell production, which protects bone health from osteoporosis disease.

Testosterone is the main sex hormone in men, producing anywhere from forty to sixty times more testosterone than women. And, despite the lesser production, and amount of testosterone a woman may have, a woman’s behaviour is highly sensitive to the testosterone itself. Yet, on the other end of the spectrum, based on a study in 1996, testosterone was not found to have any effect on male moods, or male behaviour.

The effects of Testosterone Anadoil in a body includes increased muscle mass, strength, bone density and strength and increased bone growth and maturation. Testosterone also increases sex organ maturation, especially that of a male penis. And, with aging, hormonal effects may decrease along with actual testosterone levels.

Most recently, research has shown that testosterone can potentially increase the rate that prostate cancer spreads. However, it is no longer viewed as a cause, itself, as it was formerly thought to have done.