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TestoGen Testosterone Booster

A supplement that’s made to target your hormonal imbalances and increase your testosterone, TestoGen is the answer for anyone wanting rapid muscle growth and increased sex drive.

There are 8 active substances, which are enough to enhance your vitality and endurance, forget about lack of energy, and enjoy substantial strength gains.

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D-aspartic acid (DAA) is an endogenous compound, powerful aphrodisiac, hand neuromodulator. It activates the process of protein synthesis in muscle tissues and enhances the function of sex glands. DAA is an acid of natural origin. Due to this, D-aspartic acid is almost completely absorbed by the body.

It normalizes metabolism and activates the growth hormone production.

Finally, this amino acid regulates the release of certain hormones, such as luteinizing hormone and testosterone giving a boost to the hormones production.

The effect of DAA has been confirmed by different scientific studies. In 2009, the Italian scientists published the results of their study. The study was conducted by the group of distinguished scientists from the St. Luke’s Hospital, Italy.

During this research, a group of healthy men took 3 g of D-aspartic acid per day as a single dose. As a result, the luteinizing hormone levels increased by 30%, while the testosterone levels raised by 40%.

And the study period lasted for 12 days only. So, D-aspartic acid will surely help you cope with low testosterone issue.


This extract derived from the ginseng root is a great remedy for men with low T. This plant can raise testosterone levels in men very quickly.

Ginseng extract is an ingredient available in most of the medicines aimed at improving sexual function in men and making erections stronger.

The studies have shown that ginseng do enhances the testosterone production. In addition, it increases the sperm count. Therefore, it’s advisable to use ginseng for the male infertility treatment and erectile dysfunction treatment.

There is a scientific evidence that ginseng extract intake really raises testosterone levels. Thus, the animal study included two groups of adult male rats. One group consumed Panax ginseng for 2 months, while the other control group ate no ginseng. Panax ginseng supplementation has lead to the considerable increase in testosterone levels. Moreover, Luke Bucci, the American Ph.D., has studied available literature about Panax ginseng supplementation.

And he arrived at the conclusion that 75% of researches of Asian ginsengs prove that this plant really boosts testosterone production, enhances work capacity, and increase muscular strength.

For example, the Swedish research indicates that Panax ginseng consumption improves oxygen intake, accelerates post-exercise recovery, as well as increases quadriceps strength and pectoral strength. All this is possible due to the elevations in testosterone levels.


Usually, this herb grows in India. Its seeds have very useful properties. Thus, they help reduce blood sugar which, in turn, promotes gaining more muscle mass after strength training exercises. Besides, fenugreek seeds are a highly recognized male enhancement product and a remedy for curing inflammatory processes in men. In addition, these seeds boost spermatogenesis.

Moreover, the scientists found out that the consumption of this herb’s seeds positively influences the testosterone levels in the man’s body. And everything is due to the fact that the fenugreek seeds are rich in saponins which make the body produce testosterone and enhance sex drive.

Thus, the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor, Belton, Texas, has conducted two studies. In the first study, there were 30 participants whose daily diet included fenugreek. As a result, the scientists have noticed a decline in the participants’ body fat and an increase in the participants’ testosterone levels.

The second study in the abovementioned university was held in 2011. At that time, fenugreek showed its ability to cause a feeling of sexual arousal and enhance libido. But it would be impossible without testosterone levels also normalized with fenugreek. Another study was conducted in Australia in 2011. Elizabeth Steels, the scientist who has carried out this research, found out that fenugreek plays a significant role in keeping testosterone levels high naturally.


Tribulus terrestris is a plant that grows in South Asia, Africa, and Northern Australia. This plant is widely used as male enhancement pills and in bodybuilding as a natural remedy for increasing the testosterone production, as well as for improving the bodybuilders’ strength. Its active substance is Protodioscin.

The studies have demonstrated that Tribulus terrestris supplements are the effective instruments that allow the body to elevate testosterone levels.

In turn, this stimulates muscle growth and enhances strength and endurance. In addition, the studies have shown that Tribulus terestris boosts libido and restores sexual vigor! However, the most important thing is that this plant stimulates the production of luteinizing hormone. As a consequence of the increase in its levels, the natural secretion of testosterone also increases. This effect of Tribulus terrestris was proven during the oral toxicity study.

A group of scientists, such as Vinod Nair, Surender Singh, and Yogendra K. Gupta used male albino rats with impaired sexual function for experimental purposes. The rats took Tribulus terrestris for 28 days. During this period, sexual behavior of the rats has changed positively. Thus, their libido increased, and erections became more frequent and strong. This happened due to the serum testosterone levels rise.

Who Can Take TestoGen?

The men usually decide to take testosterone boosters when they aspire to increase lean muscle mass. The man should be at least 20-23 years old to start supplementation. This age restriction is related to the instability of hormonal system in the bodies of the young men. That’s why the use of TestoGen before the recommended age may lead to a variety of hormonal disorders.

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