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Stem Cells – Revolutionary Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction


I’d like to let you know about the revolutionary way to cure ED. I understand how touchy this kind of issue is for most of us, guys. So, it might be useful for you to learn that scientists have made a significant breakthrough. Stem cells are able to restore erectile function in men, who suffer from potency disorders.

[notice color=’#ebebeb’]The cell theory is a whole new approach to ED treatment. As for the old methods, the therapy was limited to the treatment of vascular, neurological, and psycho-therapeutic corrections. Of course, it makes sense, as successful erection occurs when the caverns are filled with blood.[/notice]

stem cell erectile dysfunction treatment

So, it depends on the functions of blood vessels in the penile area and nerve control of the muscles. The blood flow into your cavernous artery is really important. In order to get hard erections, the inflow of blood should be greater than the outflow.

However, there are cases, when no vascular (treatment of vessels pathology), nor neurological treatment, nor psychotherapy give results. There would seem to be no cause, but the treatment remains ineffective. What’s the matter?

Cellular Metabolism

[notice color=’#ebebeb’]Modern cytological examinations (cellular-level diagnosis) of erectile tissues indicate new factors, affecting its health. It’s an irregular cellular metabolism, and accumulation of waste molecular fragments in cells that reduce their vitality. It results in deterioration of sexual function.[/notice]

Sometimes, cells may even stop performing their functions. Besides, there is an accumulation of dead cells. The tissue loses its ability to respond to signaling and metabolic exchange.

When nothing is amiss: blood vessels carry out their functions, nerves are not damaged, and the negative experience of failure in the sexual life has not yet become a mental trauma. The potency is still not restored.

Scientists have found an explanation to that.

[notice color=’#ebebeb’]It’s all about the cavernous body quality. The condition deteriorates due to the age, as well as decreased level of testosterone (the male sex hormone) in the body. But, there are other pathogenic factors, disrupting cellular metabolism, even at a young age.[/notice]

stem cells ed treatment

Hormonal and Alternative Therapy

There have been numerous attempts of hormonal treatment, aiming to increase the level of testosterone in the body, and improve libido. Thereby, it encourages the cells to respond to the signals, encouraging sexual activity. But, hormonal treatment is not always successful. Besides, there is no need to recall you about the dangerous side effects of steroids.

The alternative therapy with natural Viagra, aimed at drug suppression of enzyme Phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE5), improves blood circulation in the penile zone, but does not give long lasting results. So, if you stop medical treatment, you will suffer from ED again.

“The Life-Giving Water” of Stem Cells

Autologous stem cells implantation clears the cavernous body of toxins, and inhibits apoptosis (cell death). Physiologically, that is the anti-aging process of a quite “specific” area. Stem cells not only boost the common intercellular processes, but also contribute to the regeneration of the cavernous body.
For autologous transplantation, you don’t have to look for a donor. Your mesenchymal cells are extracted from your adipose tissue and processed on the special equipment. They are easily “settled” into the tissues, adopting and enhancing its properties.

[notice color=’#ebebeb’]According to the first reports on the results, scientists believe that erectile dysfunction treatment, using stem cells is the thing of the future![/notice]

Treatment Characteristics

Autologous stem cells implantation is truly one of the most promising directions in the treatment of impotence. The remedy is mesenchymal stem cells from your own adipose tissue, having the potential for long-term proliferation (settlement in other tissues), and multipotent differentiation (ability to differentiate into different cells of the body). Thanks to these qualities of stem cells, the cavernous body is able to contain most of the blood in the penis during an erection.

Numerous experiments with animals, conducted in different countries since 2000, have shown good efficiency in the recovery of erectile function. Moreover, the implanted cells feature long-term capacity of erectile tissue repair.

[notice color=’#ebebeb’]The first attempts to treat humans were made in 2010. Today, statistics of cure is not so rich. But, it’s really encouraging, as almost all patients reported restored sexual function. The main factor in the treatment of that kind is the time, during which the implantation of stem cells brings results.[/notice]

In some cases, erectile function is restored immediately, sometimes, it takes a few weeks or months. There is no doubt; stem cells therapy is a new way to be free of porn induced erectile dysfunction.



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