Semenax Results – Here’s My Shocking 6 Months Result (Before & After Pics)

Semenax Review

Are you thinking about using Semenax? Well, here are my results of using Semenax for 6 months with Before and After Pictures.

About Me – Who am I?

I’m Brad and I am 26 living in Alaska, cold eh? My life wasn’t that interesting but it recently got a sense of interest in it. 

I have very few friends, the girls I dated aren’t my friends because that’s what makes it complicated.

Yes, I am very much sexually active and I have discovered many ways about improving men’s sexuality.

None of them helped me like Semenax did when it comes to bringing down the massive loads, just like porn stars have.

Now it will sound a little murky but porn stars aren’t real they take a whole day to shoot around 1 hour of porno.

Alright, now my semenax review is going out of my hand so we shall get back to the point.

It was 6 months ago I realized I had low semen volume, not the low SPERM COUNT but SEMEN VOLUME- got it?

I looked for the best solution like millions of men look every day and most of them get themselves beheaded by the money grabbers on the other side of the screen.

Being the skeptical kid in the family, I realized I need to address the impressive points that got me to purchase Semenax.

My Experience With Semenax

Is it a male enhancement supplement? Maybe. Is it a semen enhancer? Definitely!

Semenax is the world-renown, doctors approved, and the user’s most reviewed product that is essential for men like us. I mean those who have low semen volume and for those orgasm sounds like a really short trip, I mean really really short one.

Does semenax help with pregnancy? This is the right question that most users have been asking, the answer to which is YES! It can!

Semenax is the Canadian product made by Leading Edge Health, a company dedicated to providing nutritional supplements for over 15 years.

Semenax is made inside the cGMP US facility that ensures the customers getting the right product.

It is the best and utmost semen enhancer according to Reddit reviews about semenax and also Quora which take these matters quite seriously.

How Does Semenax Work?

Throughout this semenax article about my personal experience, we will deal with different ingredients of Semenax which are the real case here.

Semenax has a plethora of natural ingredients which are thought as the best ones for the male reproductive system, the main ones are Muira Pauma, L-lysine, and L-Arginine which sort of stimulates the process called Spermatogenesis.

 Semenax is the enhancer of semen volume in the seminal vesicles by improving prostate health that is greatly responsible for plasma generation.

Once the excess of seminal fluid is produced, it will be pushed to the bulbourethral gland.

I’ve red men with fertility issues could get possible and immediate benefits from Semenax.

My Semenax Results Before and After

Semenax before and after results

So I started taking Semenax, the regular dose for me was 2 tablets daily which I preferred to take at separate timings. I took a single tablet in the morning after meal and one right after dinner, this wasn’t so hard.

I took the liberty to assert 67 days’ money-back guarantee provided by Semenax, at that time it was my alibi to save my hardly earned cash but I didn’t need that afterward. Why?

As I started to take 2 tablets in the morning the first month with Semenax was probably the most intense and exhilarating experience of my life.

My semen volume was much more or you can say ENHANCED to a certain level, I met this girl Trish on tinder and she had an amazing cum shot experience as he told me with giggles.

Semenax results before and after the first month were obvious, it was a hell of a ride!

The 2nd month with Semenax came with a little surprise, I noticed the self-esteem and confidence that I had before was ENHANCED as well. Not that I couldn’t talk to girls before that but now it sounded more like a man than a guy!

After using Semenax for a whole 6 months, I noticed the sexual performance of mine is dramatically improved and my bad habits were gone. I used to smoke occasionally but it makes you quit these because you think about exercising more than you would spend time in the bar.

I gathered all the essential information from the Semenax website that got me the semenax results without putting much effort.

How to Improve Semenax Results?

First of all, you need to stop living an unhealthy life including your dietary intake should be healthy with green vegetables.

You may exercise regularly because unless you move your muscles the body won’t be digesting Semenax tablets in a supposed fashion.

For me, I was healthier before with sufficient sperm count, yes my semen volume was a bit low.

Semenax is recommended for those men who have a drop left when they ejaculate, this is a serious type of problem that should be addressed to the doctor first.

It turns out, around 70% of men are too shy to visit their doctors to tell them about private health issues.

With Semenax, you need to stay on a healthier diet, diets that have Zinc and Protein in them are best. You have to learn to deal with the stress as soon as you can because stress the killer of the sperm cells, not me but many studies say so.

If you have a problem in the day, make sure to wind is all up for a good night’s sleep.

Sleep tight, exercise little, eat healthily, and leave it all to Semenax as it will do the rest of the job of satisfying your partner and brings you a satisfactory orgasm.

Something to Learn about Semenax Ingredients

Semeanax Ingredients

You don’t find such information in Semenax reviews on amazon.

Semenax users found that it helps with the stimulation of sperm production.

  • L-Carnitine is available in Semenax that increases the number of motile sperm cells. L-Arginine is the increaser of 3-5 times sperm count with countless other ingredients that improved sperm count and overall semen volume.
  • Swedish pollen flower extract is the widely influenced ingredient in Semenax formula, this is combined with horny goat weed extract to boost the testosterone levels. This hormone is responsible for bestowing hardness, stamina, and great semen volume to your penis.

Where to Buy Semenax?

Semenax discount code is a real thing and you can avail of this when you visit the official site.

Buy Semenax

The seekers of Semenax by searching Semenax Amazon or Semenax Walmart are going to be disappointed because the official company is selling Semenax at the online site only.

The official Semenax website has a discount code and money-back guarantee which is easier than it sounds.

Who Can Use Semenax?

Some chronic conditions like obesity, heart disease, and thyroid-related issues hinder semen production in men.

Semenax provides relief by overcoming those symptoms and brings sperm production to the ON side.

Men who have taken constant stress may have their sperm cells ruined, there is a fix in Semenax which are natural ingredients that work without side effects.

Is Semenax Safe?

Based on my experience of Semenax, the supplement is clean and threatens no users with the side effects.

Some chemicals used for sperm cell production are harmful androgen molecules that tend to suppress testosterone secretion on long term use. This is highly dangerous because Semenax has several natural substitutes only.

Semenax is way better than male enhancement supplements like Viagra, blue chew pills that I have been a customer of for many years.

My List of Semenax Benefits
  • Cum of Holy Grain Ingredients present inside
  • Heightened sexual drive, force, and confidence
  • Harder, longer, and much filing erections
  • Vast and Maximized Semen Volume (3-5 times bigger loads)
  • Improved sexual health and functioning
  • No side effects
  • Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction and Low Sperm Count

Why Should You Take Semenax Daily?

The depression of not satisfying your partner is not a small thing to neglect, some men are surrounded by peer pressure from themselves for not achieving the fine quality orgasm.

Semenax is the right choice in such conditions where men need only one thing that is “His and His Partner Satisfaction”.

You will succeed as a man, as a lover, and as a porn star when you are on Semenax.

My Semenax Review and Results Summary

It’s hard to imagine life without a certain amount of semen while you ejaculate.

semenax before and after results

Healthy semen volume is a sign of a man who performs well in bed and whose sperm cells are sufficient to impregnate his life.

As a dire fan of male enhancement products, I took the liberty to apply Semenax in my daily life and the afterward changes were incredible.

So far I’ve managed to satisfy dozen of girls and this is what continuous use of Semenax could make you do as well.

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