Semen Taste and Composition – A Guide to Produce More Cum for Men

Without normal sperm count, identifying the taste of the cum is inconclusive. !

It’s been ages since men are after to know the right taste of male cum which in legal English is called “Semen“. Different people from different cultures dubbed the cum tastes bitter, sweet, metallic, and salty.

Speaking for the vivid and self-explanatory sexual experiences, swallowing cum is practical amongst many couples around the world who take this activity as a part of intense orgasm induction.

Men who allow their partners to taste them cum have mysterious sexual instincts that can be delightful for their women.

If you are comfortable with your partner, asking her the taste of your cum with enlightening you by many aspects of your semen’s health.

How to increase sperm pressure is another desire for millions of men around the world who have been searching for the tool to attain intense ejaculation.

What Does Semen Taste Like? The Truth Only

Remember, sperm and semen are different from each other, well not that different but the thing you ejaculate at the time of orgasm is called Semen. Inside the semen, there are sperm cells that make a semen sample able to fertilize after going into a female’s vagina.

Let’s begin the study on cum by acknowledging its taste first.

according to the studies the several fluids are emerged to produce semen. Cum forms initially in the Epididymis which makes the sperm cells mature. After the production, the sperm passes through a tube called Vas Deferens and then to the Ampulla where it gets stored.

In the meantime, the Ampulla itself produces an antioxidant called Ergothioneine which is also found in the mushrooms. This is where the meaty taste of the cum comes from which is similar to the smell of raw (uncooked) mushrooms. Later on, many other sugars are added to the sperm which gives it a slightly sweet taste, fructose is involved in this.

Now, when a normal person ejaculates, the semen is mixed with the body fluids secreted by the prostate gland and seminal vesicles. This will encounter the semen volume with several amino acids, potassium, citric acid, and phosphorous.

This leads us to the exact taste of the cum which again depends from person to person. A healthy sample of a cum is thought to have combined bitter or salty fragrance like the alkaline compounds.

To some, cum tastes sweet because they have more sugar in their system and Metallic taste is because of the excess of minerals and vitamins in your system.

What is Semen Made of?

Sperm is what makes Semen able for the process of reproduction, it’s a driving force of semen but that’s not just it. Apart from sperm, semen is comprised of 200 separate proteins, vitamins, and minerals which are all packed in a few ml. Some of the major constituents present in the semen sample are:

  • Calcium
  • Choline
  • Vitamin C
  • Fructose
  • Lactic Acid
  • Nitrogen
  • Magnesium
  • Sodium
  • Vitamin B12
  • Zinc
  • Citric Acid
  • Phosphorous

All of these compounds contribute to making semen taste sweet, metallic, and salty but their real purpose is to keep the sperm cells intact.

All of these compounds by which semen is made are the energy boosters for sperm so it can bear the resistance by the egg amid fertilization.

What Food Make You Cum More?

Foods That Improve Semen Taste and Composition

Foods to increase male fertility and make you cum more are the same. Some of them are so much potential that they are regarded as sperm increase foods.

  • Green Vegetables

There is no shame in admitting you are vegan, at least you already have been taking male fertility supplements naturally. Spinach is the main food that is referred to as natural Viagra because of its limitless sex-related benefits.

Green vegetable like Spinach contains a high dose of Vitamin E which is the main helpful compound in the production of various sex hormones. Apart from this, they are also filled with manganese which produces estrogen in females naturally.

  • Seeds

Several edibles seeds are friends with the sex hormone, mainly testosterone. These are flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds, chickpeas, soybeans, and other healthy seeds that improve body limits to produce more semen.  Studies confirm taking a single tablespoon (15ml) of flaxseed or pumpkin seeds daily increases the testosterone levels in men.

  • Sea Foods

Those who dislike seafood will now have an excuse to consume them moderately. Seafoods are rich in good fats that are responsible for fatigue-free sexual life. Marine items such as oysters and tuna fish are wonders for improving cum volume because of their metabolism-boosting properties.

The majority of the seafood for sperm health makes men lighten up their mood because of improved Dopamine levels. This Dopamine also supports the production of excessive semen volume.

  • Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate is a natural aphrodisiac that boosts the sex drive in both men and women. Studies assure that eating dark chocolate every day will help you gain confidence during sexual intercourse and it helps men to last longer in bed. Phenethylamine is the responsible compound present in dark chocolates which promotes feelings of relaxation and pleasure.

  • Garlic

Didn’t expect it by anyone but Garlic is an extraordinary sex-boosting herb that empowers sexual aggravation and dominance.

How to Produce More Cum?

Producing more cum is entirely up to your body and its natural physiology. However, certain extrinsic measures that we can take are certainly of help.

Earlier studies have shown Lecithin has positive effects on semen health and volume. Lecithin is formed when several mixtures of fatty acids are combined, the traces of lecithin can also be found in the cell membrane and plasma.

Using lecithin supplements can be helpful to increase the semen volume but when it comes to the sperm cells, the evidence are still anecdotal.

Semen boosters like Semenax give you an ideal collection of vitamins to increase sperm volume, minerals, and herbal extracts that are renowned to boost semen volume, cum load, and taste of your cum. Some identified ingredients available in Semenax is told to have positive effects on semen volume in-vitro.

How to Shoot A lot of Cum?

In order to cum like a porn star, there are many beneficial tools you can start with.

  • Keep yourself hydrated all the time because the volume of your cum depends on it. If you drink plenty amount of water prior to sexual intercourse, you will achieve the magnanimous money-shot that you see porn stars releasing all over that gets females extraordinarily horny.
  • Learning how to perform kegel exercise is a helpful means to shoot a lot of cum. These are basically exercises that help build the stamina from the urethral muscles to the muscles responsible for ejaculation. Learning to control these muscles means you will take maximum time in bed and cum like a porn star at last!
  • You can always learn to shoot a lot of cum by reducing the levels of stress, anxiety, and depression. A hormone named Cortisol is found in stressed subjects that lowers the semen volume and diminish the pleasure while ejaculating.
  • Limiting the consumption of alcohol and cigarettes is the best decision for ejaculating like a porn star. Both drinking and smoking lowers the testosterone secretion which gets your semen volume decreased over time.
  • Lean meat diet with a glass of wine is known to boost the number of antioxidants in the body. This in return boosts the erection quality and testosterone levels that make men shoot more cum load.

Final Verdict

The taste and composition of semen have been mentioned with the factors that affect them. Usually, a person lasts between 3-5 minutes during sexual intercourse but having more semen volume ultimately changes it.

Apart from being metallic, choline like the taste, bitter, salty, and sweeter, you must also know the taste of your cum can be altered by certain foods and medicines intake. Anti-depressant drugs are more like to make the semen taste metallic while contributing to some extent in the aroma.

Reasons for low semen volume in men are many, the foremost ones are testosterone deficiency, zinc or manganese deficiency, and lack of amino acids.

Semen volume boosters like Semenax helps men naturally to resolve low semen volume. In the formula, there are over dozens of herbal extracts that men find healthy and resourceful when it comes to cum like a porn star.

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