Privacy Policy

Our Confidentiality Policy is amid at the protection of the personal information provided by our users.

At, we do everything we can to guarantee our users safety and make the use of our services easy and helpful.

We do not disclose the information that we collect and hold about our users to any third party.

Modification of Policy

All the content at is liable to any modifications and amendments which we think are necessary to offer the most accurate and up-to-date information, as well as comply with quality standards and ethical requirements.

In addition, if proved necessary, we change the publication dates. That is why we advise you to regularly visit our website to stay tuned for the latest changes at

Even after updates on as-needed basis we hold information that we receive from our users in confidence. Moreover, we do not store this information if the users do not expressly agree.

Since all the information provided by our users is held in strict confidence, we never take advantage of it.

Data We Do not Acquire website never insists on the provision of personal information by the users. To make our content accessible to you, we do not need to know your name, address or any other personal information. Therefore, if the user gives us such information, he or she does this voluntarily and bears responsibility for this decision.

Significant Notice in Regards to Minors

We do not require and never collect personal information from children under 13 years old.

Data We Acquire

Further, we will specify all types of information that acquires and in which cases.

Newsletter Subscriptions

The users sign up for our newsletter on own accord only when they give us their email addresses.

You will receive the newsletter once it is published. We determine periodicity of publications as it deems appropriate.

If you would like not to receive our newsletters, you can use our unsubscribe option whenever you wish. You need just to write email address that you provided to us and click the unsubscribe link. Once you do this, we will delete you email address from the list of subscribers.


If you use our services, you automatically give consent to use the website cookies. These cookies stored on the user’s hard drive enable the users to use all the website opportunities most effectively and safely.

Cookies never disclose the user’s information. Cookies help us gather and analyze information regarding how the visitors use our services. This analysis gives us an opportunity to constantly improve the services we render. The users have a possibility to refuse cookies and remove them from their hard drives.

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It is possible to use the information available on this website only for the purposes explained in complete detail herein. Moreover, we guarantee that this information will never be used for other purposes. Any third party will not get the mentioned information. Therefore, we provide high level of safety and confidentiality.

Purposes for Which Your Data Is Required website needs your data for the following purposes:

  • Granting access to the content and services offered by the website.
  • Sending information regarding our promotions and offerings.
  • Providing information about all the changes in the content and services.

The information which we gather from cookies is needed for:

  • Making an analysis of the users’ demographic trends and interests.
  • Monitoring traffic statistics.
  • Advertising the products and services.
  • Making the website more efficient.
  • Improving the products and services.

The information disclosure is possible only if it is legally required. Thus, the special circumstances that allow the information disclosure are any judicial proceedings or the necessity to protect the rights and interests of the website or its employees, users, and visitors.
We reaffirm that in all the other cases we never disclosure the user information. We guarantee that we go to great lengths to protect the user data.

If you wish to amend the personal information in your forum user profile, use the link to start editing.

We also reaffirm that you have a possibility to unsubscribe from our newsletter. To do so, press the newsletter button, write your email address, and select the unsubscribe link.

If you want to clarify something regarding confidentiality of your personal information, you can contact our Privacy Administrator.

Links to Other Websites

On, links to other websites are posted on the regular basis. We check integrity and authenticity of these websites with a great caution. In addition, the websites to which we provide links contain pertinent information with regard to the data available on our website. In such a way, we try to make our users’ experience on our website more beneficial. But it should be pointed out that website does not have the right to control the integrity of the linked-to websites. Moreover, we do not incur liability for the activities of the other websites, even though we give the links to these websites.

Contact for Confidentiality Issues

If any questions respectively our Privacy Policy arise, do not hesitate to contact us.