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Pomegranate Protects Men Against Erectile Dysfunction (ED)


In ancient times, the therapeutic effect of pomegranate was considered magical. It’s obvious that these juicy seeds with amazing sweet and sour taste have a list of benefits.

Pomegranate is really useful for human body, as it is able to recover health, beauty, and sexual drive as well.

Pomegranate is a source of nutrients. It includes a complex of vitamins and minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, as well as organic acids.

They normalize the metabolism and hormonal balance, improving the blood formula.

Besides, over the course of lots and lots of years of research, scientists have discovered incredible properties of pomegranate.

    • keeping the level of bad cholesterol down;
    • reducing the blood pressure;
    • improving blood flow in the vessels;
    • strengthening the muscles;
    • increasing immunity;
    • reducing the risk of heart diseases;
    • The pomegranate seeds and juice have anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, analgesic effect.
    • The fruit helps those, who suffer from tiredness and low energy. At the same time, it is also a great way to relax and reduce some of the tension.
    • Pomegranate seeds help to protect the body cells from free radicals that cause oxidation.
    • It has been proven that pomegranate increases libido, and cures erectile dysfunction. Doesn’t that sound amazing? Thank God, there exists a fruit with legendary powers like that!

    Studies on Pomegranate Benefits for Men’s Sexual Health

    Pomegranate contains a treasure trove of components crucial for men’s sexual and reproductive health. And numerous studies prove this fact.

    Thus, the scientists have carried out a randomized controlled trial and found out that pomegranate juice assists men in fighting erectile dysfunction.

    The trial lasted for 10 weeks and included 2 groups of men with mild to moderate impairment of sexual function. One group of participants drank pomegranate juice for treatment, while the second group was a placebo one.

  • As a result, pomegranate juice consumption proved its potential to safely and gradually improve sexual health in men.1Another study that involved male rats gave scientific evidence that pomegranate juice consumption has a potential to become an auxiliary method to cure fertility impairment in men.

    Thus, during the study, male rats drank pomegranate juice in different amounts for 7 weeks.

    The study has demonstrated that this juice really makes sperm quality better by improving a range of sperm characteristics, the major of which are sperm density and sperm motility.

    In addition, pomegranate juice can stimulate testosterone synthesis. Moreover, this antioxidant-rich juice has a strong positive influence on the body, giving a boost not only to the erectile function, but also to the overall health.2

    Several studies have also proven that it’s reasonable to use pomegranate extract to cope with urological problems in men.

    In particular, the studies have shown that this extract is very helpful for men with erectile dysfunction since it can relieve the symptoms of this disorder.

    Furthermore, pomegranate extract supplementation helps prevent and cure benign prostatic hyperplasia and prostate cancer.3

    Male Extra male enhancement pills contain pomegranate extract which improves blood circulation and can help boost libido. It’s one of the best natural Viagra alternatives. While ED drugs may help you get an erection, they don’t address the root cause, which is a bad blood circulation.

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