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Best Male Enhancement Pills of 2019

best male enhancement pills

Let’s figure out which exactly benefits are real during the intake of male enhancement pills.

Improvement of Erection Quality

The best male enhancement pills will allow you to experience fuller, stronger, longer-lasting erections.


Elevation of Testosterone Levels

Enhancement of testosterone synthesis is one of the best benefits you can get when undergoing male enhancement supplementation.

The man can’t be sexually healthy if testosterone levels are insufficient. Sexual appetite and bedroom performance depend on this hormone.

Male enhancement pills include components that work by stimulating natural testosterone secretion.

Because of this, you will experience high libido, feel much more energized, revive sexual endurance and stamina, and enhance overall sexual performance.

These effects of male enhancement pills are especially important for men over 30 years old since at this age testosterone levels inevitably naturally decline.

No Premature Ejaculation

Early ejaculation is an enemy of good sex.

It’s a frequent cause of frustration and dissatisfaction with a sexual relationship.

And this refers to both partners.

But luckily, many male enhancement supplements are packed with well-dosed ingredients able to prolong sexual intercourse and at the same time make it more pleasurable.

Also, along with the longer sex duration, you will feel much brighter orgasms.


Editors’ Choice #1. VigRX Plus #2. Male Extra #3. ProSolution
Overall Rating
Effectiveness Excellent Excellent Good
Quality Excellent Good Good
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#1: VigRX Plus

male enhancement supplements

VigRX Plus is at the lead of the most potent natural male enhancement pills ranking.

It doesn’t demand a prescription.

This product perfectly copes with the task of boosting nitric oxide secretion in the men’s body.

Since this male enhancer elevates the levels of this chemical compound, it improves blood transfer to the penis.

Firmer and harder erections typically ensure a much higher level of mutual pleasure during sex.

Also, VigRX Plus increases sex drive and sexual stamina.

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#2: Male Extra

male enhancers

Male Extra belongs to the most popular natural male enhancement products available on sale. It’s a cutting-edge pill which is useful for every man who is not satisfied with the quality of erections.

The product works by stimulating nitric oxide synthesis.

The high concentration of this chemical compound makes the blood vessels widen and hence promotes more intense blood supply to the genital area. It allows you to experience harder and longer-lasting erections.

The intake of the supplement contributes to the enhancement of the men’s overall sexual function.

It helps deal with the lack of sex drive, makes orgasms brighter, boosts sexual virility, increases sexual endurance, fights fatigue, and ensures a higher level of pleasure during sex.

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#3: ProSolution

male sexual enhancement pills that work fast

ProSolution is an effective innovative natural pill that enhances male potency.

The mechanism of male enhancement pills action implies not only the activation of nitric oxide production.

ProSolution stimulates brain areas which make men feel pleasure during sex.

It also combats the lack of sexual vigor and endurance and increases libido.

The pill formula includes non-synthetic doctor-endorsed active substances that have been doctor approved.

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Advantages of Natural Male Enhancers over Prescription Drugs

Both natural supplements and prescription drugs are considered male enhancement products. But the first ones have much more advantages than the latter ones.

The prescription medications give instant results; that is, a strong erection which duration enables the man to start and finish sexual intercourse. And this is, in fact, all that such medications do.

Natural male enhancement supplements have a mild mechanism of action which helps the men restore their ability to have firm erections healthily. They don’t interfere with the body functioning, letting the body regulate sexual function in men by itself. In such a way, natural pills can cure erectile function in the long run.

Also, the natural supplements offer some additional benefits, such as increased sex drive, better orgasms, higher endurance and stamina, improved sperm characteristics, and energy upsurge.

Nitric Oxide Boosting Properties of Male Enhancement Pills

The male enhancement pills are very potent, mainly due to their ability to enhance the production of nitric oxide in the man’s body.

Nitric oxide is an extremely crucial molecule that has a direct influence on the men’s circulatory system and sexual function. This chemical compound is known for its potent effects, which promote the dilation of blood vessels. And the penile vessels are not an exception.

During sexual arousal, the concentrations of this molecule grow. The higher they are, the firmer and stronger erection occurs. So, the erection strength depends on the nitric oxide levels.

The men who maintain a healthy lifestyle don’t have the problems with the levels of this chemical compound and hence with the erection firmness.

But the men, who lack nitric oxide, can substantially improve the situation by taking male enhancement supplements.

These supplements work by stimulating the production of this molecule.

It means that due to the widening of blood vessels, the penis gets much more blood. And the man experiences a hard erection.

Also, in such a way, it’s possible to prevent many heart diseases.

Male Enhancement Pills for Testosterone Levels Increase

The increase in testosterone levels is one of the major effects of natural male enhancement pills. And this effect is what makes these supplements powerful.

It’s a well-known fact that testosterone takes part in many processes that determine men’s sexual health. Male virility and sexual performance can’t be satisfactory if the levels of this hormone are low.

The supplements trigger the mechanism of natural testosterone synthesis in the man’s body.

These products don’t supply synthetic hormone. Instead, they help the body mobilize all resources to secret own testosterone.

Due to this, the men can have the following benefits:

  • High sex drive
  • Increased strength, stamina, and endurance
  • Improved sperm characteristics
  • Boosted energy levels
  • No mood swings
  • Better bedroom performance
  • Rebuilt self-confidence

So, the higher testosterone levels grow under the influence of male enhancers the better sexual health the men will have.

Who Can Take Male Enhancement Pills

The male enhancement products help the men who suffer from the impairment of erectile function and have a low sex drive. These products are mainly helpful to the men whose sexual disabilities are caused by some psychological issues.

Also, such pills can cure erectile dysfunction, which is organic in origin. But this is mainly applicable to mild and moderate ED, not a severe one.

The male enhancement pills can’t solve sexual problems in men who had penile injuries or have reproductive system diseases.

It’s necessary to remember that the male enhancement pills are contraindicated to the men who have cardiovascular diseases and use nitrate drugs. Otherwise, blood pressure can dangerously plummet.

Also, patients who have severe liver disease or undergo dialysis because of the end-stage kidney disease should never use these pills.

The men who take the medications for curing prostate enlargement should be cautious if they want to use male enhancement pills simultaneously.

Both prescription ED pills and natural supplements for restoring male sexual health have to be taken only under the guidance of healthcare professionals.

How to Choose a Suitable Pill

Now the market offers a huge number of products which are claimed to improve erectile function and revive sex drive in men. And the range of such products is only growing day by day.

But it doesn’t mean that all of them are effective and safe.

Many unfair manufacturers produce male enhancement pills of inferior quality.

These products don’t comply with high-quality standards. And their safety shrinks to zero.

That’s because such pills have in their formula non-researched unknown ingredients, which are not only useless but are also often dangerous.

The negative consequences to men’s health can be unpredictable.

The men can protect themselves against the harmful effects of counterfeit male enhancement products.

To do this, it’s worth avoiding illegal pills which promise instant incredible efficacy.

Also, the man shouldn’t ignore the necessity to visit a healthcare practitioner who will recommend the safest and most suitable pill to the patient.

When choosing the best supplement, it’s advisable to get acquainted with the customer reviews and the research results proving that the man will deal with really a well-working non-harmful product.

Also, it’s strongly recommended to choose a reliable manufacturer which has a good reputation and enjoys the customers’ confidence.

Such manufacturers protect the interests of their customers and guarantee the safety of their products.

How Long Male Enhancement Supplementation Should Last

Only the medical expert can determine how long and how often each particular patient can take such prescription pills. And in this case, the intake duration depends on many individual factors.

As for the male enhancement supplements, they require quite a long time of use due to the availability of natural active substances in their formulas.

These ingredients act mildly.

That’s why more time is needed to feel their efficacy. Typically, the supplementation should last for at least a month to see the first positive results. And several months will be enough to reach the supplementation goals successfully.

Who Can Use Male Enhancement Pills

There is an age restriction for those men who are going to undergo supplementation with the male enhancement pills. Thus, the mandatory condition for the intake of these pills is to be at least 18 years old. The younger guys shouldn’t take such remedies.

You should be aware that the availability of manhood injuries and reproductive medical conditions can make the natural penile supplementation helpless.

If you suffer from heart disorders and must undergo pharmaceutical therapy with nitrate drugs, it’s recommended to avoid the intake of male enhancement pills. If you offend against this advice, you may experience dangerous hypotension.

The men depending on dialysis and suffering from severe liver medical conditions shouldn’t resort to the help of the pills which increase the member size.

The men, who have to cure prostate enlargement by using powerful synthetic medications accessible by prescription only, don’t have to use the male enhancement pills.

It’s obvious that the intake of even the non-artificial supplements for manhood growth implies a well thought-out approach. For this reason, it’s better to schedule a doctor’s appointment before you start using any natural member enlargers. And vigilance will surely not go amiss if you have some medical conditions which obligatorily require the pharmaceutical treatment with strong artificial drugs.

Who Wants to Use Penis Enlargement Pills

Different well-reputed companies produce the high-quality non-synthetic male enhancement pills for the men who have difficulties during their sexual activity. In the opinion of these men, such difficulties are mainly induced by dissatisfactory penis dimensions. As a result, the member length and/or circumference may not please the men.

The men give preference to the non-artificial male enhancement pills because they don’t aspire to pose their health to risk of the complications after surgical procedures. The manhood enlargement surgeries are often fraught with side effects, including very unsafe ones. These surgeries are also painful. And according to many medical experts, the efficacy of surgical member increase methods is quite questionable.

To exclude all these risks, many men choose the natural supplements.

Also, the men want to take the natural male enhancement supplements because these products not only help deal with dissatisfactory penis dimensions. Such remedies additionally attract the men with their ability to overcome poor sex drive, fight lack of endurance and stamina, intensify orgasms, last longer in bed, lift energy levels, and boost overall well-being.

Probability of Side Effects

The risk of side effects varies for different male enhancement products because the ingredients available in these products also differ.

These medications may, in particular, have a very negative influence on the circulatory system, kidneys, and liver.

Senses of vision and hearing may also substantially worsen.

The intake of high-quality natural sexual potency boosters considerably lowers the probability of any side effects. These effects are mild and are not dangerous. They are as follows:

  • Headache
  • Stomach upset
  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue
  • Faintness
  • Irritability

If you wish to prevent the occurrence of side effects and benefit from the use of natural pills, you should stick to the intake guidelines given by the manufacturer.

How to Enhance Pills’ Effects

It’s not difficult to enhance the efficacy of non-artificial sexual potency boosters for men. It’s enough to modify your lifestyle.

The natural supplements work the best if you combine them with positive lifestyle changes. It means that you should, first of all, keep your circulatory system healthy.

For this, you should forget about the sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy junk food, excessive alcohol consumption, and other bad habits. Move as much as you can. Drink high amounts of pure water and follow a healthy diet on an everyday basis.

And don’t forget to control stress levels. In such a way, you will not only enhance male products’ effects but also strengthen the overall health.

It’s crucial to strive for healthy lifestyle changes, because your sexual function, sex drive, and sexual performance will only benefit.

Effective lifestyle corrections complemented with reasonable natural supplementation may even exclude a further necessity to take any male enhancement pills.

Familiarize Yourself with Active Ingredients

To know how a particular male enhancer will affect your sex life and overall health, you should get acquainted with the active ingredients.

The FDA can’t directly regulate this industry and actively interfere with the activities of male enhancers’ manufacturers. This body is only a kind of supervisor on the natural supplement market.

That’s why you should carefully investigate this market on your own.

If your target is to improve the erection quality and enhance libido without harming your health, don’t forget to read what is written on the pill bottle thoughtfully.

It’s how you will know for sure what you are taking and how it may influence you.

If you find out which active substances included in the supplement you use, you will understand the mechanism of their action, their benefits, and their threads.

Thousands of supplement reviews offer you to take advantage of the experience of other people who have already tried different male enhancement pills.

Also, it’s worth finding the list of recalls and warnings which the FDA offers.

It’s advisable to familiarize yourself with this list and monitor all the list amendments to keep abreast all the new ingredients.

And of course, the manufacturer’s official website is a source of the most comprehensive information on any pill formula. Here you will see not only the fullest list of ingredients present in each particular product but also get to know how the product works.

You will know how to take it and what the medical experts think about male enhancement supplements.

Natural Male enhancement pills vs Prescription Drugs

Millions of men from all over the world have already given a credit to the male enhancement pills of natural origin. These men prefer the natural remedies which contain only the natural components to the prescription medications. And this is why.
Everybody who has ever had the experience of using the prescription medications is aware of their instant efficacy. But this efficacy implies only the occurrence of a rock-hard erection and nothing more. It means that you will only get an opportunity to have a sexual encounter. However, the manhood measurements will remain unchanged.
On the contrary to the prescription penis drugs, the non-artificial male enhancement pills trigger the member growth processes in a natural way. Though the increase in penis dimensions doesn’t happen quickly, it’s gradual, safe, and mild.
Except the favorable changes in the manhood size, the natural supplements ensure a wide spectrum of additional advantages. And the recharge of the men’s erectile function is one of these advantages. The men start attaining and sustaining the forceful erections due to the substantial enhancement of the overall blood circulation and the member blood supply.
Also, if you prefer the all-natural male enhancement pills, you can count on the elevation of sex drive, intensification of orgasms, increase in stamina and endurance, upsurge of energy levels, no chronic tiredness, and improvement of sperm characteristics.

For Whom Male enhancement pills Are Intended

The scientists and male enhancement experts developed the male enhancement pills for the male customers who would like to have at least slightly bigger penis. These pills are also intended for the men who aspire to strengthen erections and give a boost to sexual desire naturally. These men don’t consider the use of surgical and other penis size increase methods which don’t feature a proven efficacy and high quality. The men wish to rely on the force of natural ingredients which have a positive impact on the manhood measurements, raise sexual desire and make erection quality better without any negative effects.
But not each man who has such demands and wishes can take the pills for the member enlargement. Thus, according to the manufacturers of these pills, such a man has to be at least 18 years old to undergo the supplementation.
The men with penile injuries and medical conditions related to the male reproductive system may not notice any gains after the supplementation.
The men who suffer from cardiovascular disorders and/or run the pharmaceutical therapy with nitrate drugs shouldn’t also use the remedies for enlarging manhood. The men who don’t abide by these guidelines may experience dangerous drop in blood pressure.
The patients who undergo dialysis therapy or suffer from severe liver disorders have to avoid the intake of male enhancement pills.

Male Enhancement Pills and Male Fertility

The male enhancement pills of natural origin are designed in order to help the men successfully deal with different problems in male sexuality. These problems not only refer to the erection quality. They only touch on virile strength, sex drive, sexual arousal, bedroom stamina and endurance, and overall sexual satisfaction.
These male enhancers are not created for influencing male fertility. However, they still contain some natural components that not only give a strong natural boost to male sex life, but also have a very beneficial impact on male fertility. Thus, the male potency-stimulating supplements contain a range of the non-artificial ingredients which help overcome male infertility to some extent. But this is possible in some non-severe cases. These ingredients include but are not limited to vitamin D, zinc, d-aspartic acid, fenugreek, and tribulus terrrestris. Such components of the all-natural male enhancement pills have positive effects on sperm characteristics, such as sperm count, motility, and quality.
Anyway, if your goal is not to strengthen your erections or enhance libido, but improve your reproductive system, you shouldn’t rely on the male enhancement pills. Instead, you should visit a doctor who will prepare necessary infertility treatment strategy which will surely be fruitful and help you start a family.
However, you should realize that as opposed to the natural supplements the prescription male enhancers can negatively affect male fertility. There is a scientific proof that the prescription medications which enhance male potency worsen sperm quality. That’s why you should avoid such male enhancers if you want to have a baby.
Benefits of Natural Male Enhancement Pills over Prescription Drugs
In fact, both synthetic prescription-only medications and all-natural penis supplements belong to male enhancement pills. But the latter ones seem to be more beneficial for many men who have the problems with sexual activity.
The prescription drugs provide prompt effects, which the majority of men desire. These men actually aspire to attain a long-lasting erection that can make a complete sexual encounter possible. This is what the prescription penis drugs are aimed for.
As for the non-synthetic male enhancers, they act mildly. This absolutely healthy mechanism of action enables the men to recharge their erections. And the erections naturally become more solid and larger. The all-natural components present in the over-the-counter male enhancement pills don’t intrude into the other bodily functions except the erectile function. These pills give the men a fully natural opportunity to regain control over own sex life. Even more, such pills have the long-term healing effects on the erectile function in men.
And of course, the majority of men choose the natural remedy because these products are very favorable for the different aspects of sexual function in men. In particular, the supplements make orgasms brighter, elevate sexual interest, strengthen virility, revive endurance, increase stamina, and promote better energy release.

Male Enhancement Pills and Nitric Oxide

The manufacturers of male enhancement pills explain the high efficacy of their natural products with the impressive nitric oxide boosting potential of the pills. That’s because these pills contain the ingredients which stimulate the secretion of nitric oxide.
Nitric oxide is a chemical compound that straightforwardly regulates the functions of cardiovascular system in general and sexual function in particular. The powerful nitric oxide molecules work by contributing to the vasorelaxation. It means that the blood vessels become wide and hence able to hold a larger amount of blood. This happens with all the blood vessels throughout the body. That’s why this effect of male enhancement pills is also observed in the manhood.
When the man becomes sexually aroused, the amount of this chemical compound upsurges. The more nitric oxide you have in your blood, the more rigid and fuller erections you can count on. It’s obvious that the quality of erections is determined with the concentration of nitric oxide in the blood.
Those men who don’t have bad habits and keep an active lifestyle are usually not concerned with low nitric oxide. The can boast of the normal amounts of this active substance. And therefore, they have hard erections. However, the men with insufficient nitric oxide levels typically have weak erections. That’s why they need the supplementation with the top-notch male enhancement pills of natural origin.
The key task of these natural pills is to activate the synthesis of nitric oxide. When this chemical compound widens penile blood vessels, the amount of blood flowing to the manhood considerably increases. The erections’ hardness and duration consequently grows.

Who Can Use Male Enhancement Pills

The male enhancement pills are a great choice for the men who feel disappointment with the quality of their erections, poor libido, lack or stamina, and low bedroom performance. Such natural supplements are especially useful for the men who have the impairment of erectile function related to psychological problems. This impairment can be mild or moderate. But if the men have severe erectile dysfunction, these all-natural remedies may be ineffective.
The male enhancement pills don’t offer a proper solution for those men who suffered from penile injuries and/or medical conditions which touch on the male reproductive system.
The men who have some heart and/or vascular disorders, as well as undergo pharmaceutical treatment with nitrate medications shouldn’t use the supplements for sexual potency enhancement. If the men still decide to take such remedies under the mentioned conditions, they may face the issue of unsafe blood pressure elevation. Other serious diseases may also become the impediment to the intake of penis pills. That’s why the doctor’s consultation is recommended.

The Bottom Line

If you choose the top-notch male enhancement products without any artificial components, you can surely expect much harder and fuller erections with desirable duration.

You may feel enhanced sexual desire, faster sexual arousal, improved endurance and stamina, more virile strength, brighter sensations, and better self-esteem.

Make sure that you use the products from a trustworthy manufacturer to avoid disappointment and unpleasant health effects.

The well-thought-out selection of male enhancement products is your way to happy and pleasant sex life.

The manufacturers also took care of the customers’ money if the customers are dissatisfied with the product they bought.

That’s why the majority of the manufacturers offer a money-back guarantee valid for 60 days and more.

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